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How to create an outdoor work space

31st May '19 • By

Whether you run your own business, work from home or are looking to upgrade your company’s office, creating an ideal outdoor work space may help you get greater productivity out of your work day. We have included a few simple tips to create an outdoor work space for increased work flow and enjoyment.

how to create an outdoor workspace

The benefits of an outdoor work space include: 

  • Reduced stress 
  • Gets you moving more 
  • Increases cognitive function
  • Can increase your creativity 
  • Will increase productivity

Working out in the fresh air in your beautifully landscaped yard or work place can do you the world of good, keeping the following tips in mind!


1. Gather the essentials 

For an outdoor work space to work cohesively, you need to consider the essentials. For some, this can simply mean a laptop, mobile phone and required paperwork. For others, it might be a graphic design tablet, laptop and colour signage printer. Consider what kind of work you need to complete, before gathering the essentials and bringing them to your outdoor work space. A good Wi-fi connection is vital here, as a poor connection that drops in and out will be extremely frustrating and dampen your productivity.


2. Shade is important 

You may think that shade is only necessary for keeping cool and reducing the chances of getting a little sunburn. However, shade is necessary when you are working on a laptop, in order to reduce glare and the sheer ability to see what you are doing. Working out the best kind of shade to suit your outdoor workspace, will help you get the best bang for your buck.

We love the Google employee inspired pod outdoor furniture. This setup provides the necessary shade and comfort required to complete your work with ease outdoors. Are you a company that wants your employees motivated like a Google employee and have the necessary outdoor office space? Consider buying a few pods for your awesome employees or one for yourself. Being able to enjoy the combination of being able to work in comfort in a great outdoor work space is priceless! 


Another way to achieve adequate shade is to install a gazebo at your property or workplace. This is a common feature of all Balinese-style gardens which we all love and may be just what your work space is looking for.


3. Consider your posture 

Any time you’re working on a laptop for long periods of time in a sitting position, you need to consider your posture. It will go a long way, if you have a decent chair with good back or lumbar support. Either way, ensure you display good posture by keeping your ears in line with your shoulders, uncross your legs, pull your shoulder blades back, and get up and move around every so often. This is also a great way to avoid eye strain, which occurs after looking at a computer screen for lengthy periods of time. Another option is to choose a workstation which allow you to work in a standing and seated position.


4. Multi-purpose outdoor dining 

Your outdoor dining table can also double at a pinch as your outdoor work space. Make sure to choose outdoor dining furniture with decent cushioning for comfort, as well as support for your back whilst you work. Make sure to choose an outdoor dining setup that can include shade, like an umbrella or shade sail. If you live in an area that tends to get cool at night, invest in an outdoor gas or electric heater to keep your productivity going, even into the evening. 

Within an office team communal setting, you can invest in an outdoor dining table as a new lunch space, as well as an additional work space. Getting outside and having a breather is excellent for employee relations and physical health benefits.


5. Add atmosphere… and snacks

You want to create a space you actually enjoy being in; this helps to increase work productivity by achieving better concentration through less distractions. Decorate your outdoor work space with lush green plants and flowers to create ambience, which can help increase creativity. Incorporate soft lighting should your work period extend into the evening. Choose healthy snacks to keep at your desk to keep energy levels high and reduce hunger breaks. Sprucing up your work space with inspiring colours is a great way to boost your productivity with desk decor


Most importantly, create a work space that inspires and empowers you to do your best. Creating a relaxing yet productive outdoor work space may be all that is required to take your business to the next level. Many companies and remote workers have already started to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor work spaces. It can be a simple way to improve your business profits. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, if you can’t be on holiday at least make your surroundings feel like you are!

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