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8 reasons why you should install a water tank

24th Jun '19 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

If you’re looking to live in a more eco-friendly and self-sustainable way, why not consider the installation of a rainwater tank!

install a water tank

A rainwater tank is pretty self-explanatory; it’s simply a big tank that is used to collect and store rainwater. They are a great way to collect and maintain harvested rain for drinking purposes, laundry and other standard fresh water uses in the home. 


Here’s how a rainwater tank can benefit your home:

1. Save money and go a long way to live debt and bill free

Having a water tank on your property reduces or eliminates the consumption of water from your main supply. This in turn, cuts down the cost or eliminates your water bill altogether. If you decide to move into a mountain cottage property for example, you are responsible for filling up the tank. However, using a local water tank installation professional will help you reduce your water bills for the long term. Imagine that! Free up your money so you can spend more time on adventuring and travel, and less time paying bills. 


2. Reduce use of a valuable limited resource

Clean water is a precious resource. With a water tank, you will collect about 1 litre of water for every 1mm of rain that falls on 1 square metre of land.  If you live in an area where you get decent annual rainfall, then your collection of water will be significant.


3. Be more self-sustainable and eco friendly 

The installation of a rainwater tank on your property will make the property more self-sustainable: any time you make a property more self-sufficient, you can increase its value. There are several other ways to increase the value of your property which will attract buyers and make your property more attractive in the marketplace.

We recommend concrete water tanks as they can withstand bushfires, whilst plastic tanks won’t. Concrete tanks also keep your water cooler, are longer lasting, and provide healthier drinking water.


4. Cultivate a better veggie garden 

There are many benefits to growing your own fruits and veggies, and gardens tend to grow better when they are watered with rainwater. Creating an indoor veggie and herb garden is an excellent way to bring more life to your kitchen and spend less on groceries. This is even more relevant now, as here in Australia, the price of fruit and vegetables gets very expensive after floods and cyclones that frequently occur up North.


5. A stat to consider

Water Installations Pty Ltd states, “The average home could easily harvest 100,000 L each year from their roof, and this water can be used to offset the water budget for your home.” Water rates have increased over the last few years, so this would be a significant saving.


6. More mindfulness

Visually seeing a tank of water on your property makes you a lot more conscious and thoughtful about the amount of water you’re using. As a tip to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we recommend timing your showers with an alarm on your phone and shutting off the water while you brush your teeth.


7. Better taste

It is no secret that fresh water from a tank tastes incredibly crisp and clean. Water tanks have a comprehensive filtration system that creates exemplary, refreshing and pure water. You can absolutely taste the difference between water on a mountain from a tank and main water on a coast or in a city. You won’t want to buy bottled water when you’re on tank water, meaning less plastic around your home. Invest in a glass and bamboo water bottle that doubles as a tea filter infuser for a more eco-friendly option.


8. Be a part of something bigger

We’re blessed to live in a part of the world that has easy access to fresh drinking water. However, being able to be more self-sustainable means you are making a positive influence to the global picture.

If 100 L represents the world’s water, about half a tablespoon of it is fresh water available for use. As a result, many parts of the world are already experiencing water shortages. Water is our most precious resource; without it, plants and animals like us, would not survive. Essentially, without water, there would be no life of any kind.


A sobering fact indeed and that alone should be the incentive for every one of us to conserve water. So why not make a start and get your own water tank!

Innovators passionate about the environment and self-sustainable living, are already creating off-the-grid retreats equipped with solar panels, septic tanks, and rainwater tanks to ensure minimal environmental impact. This solar-powered modular cabin with spectacular views actually exists completely off-the-grid right here in Australia.

The future will require the global population to be more mindful of water usage, so why not start right now? 


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