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How to re-decorate on a budget

31st Aug '20 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Does your home need a makeover, but you lack the budget? Not to worry, we’ve put together our best re-decorating tips for tight budgets.

Nothing beats redecorating a room and feeling like you've walked into a brand-new house. You don't need to break your bank to spruce up your space. So before you start your renovations, take a look at these simple tricks for decorating on a budget.

Change The Layout

Probably the most simple and inexpensive way to redecorate is to change the layout of your décor. This refers to moving furniture, accessories and other items to give a fresh, new look to your home. You can switch furniture from one room to another or simply, rearrange the furniture within your room. This creates the feeling of a new space, while spending nothing on new furniture. That can help you change the look and feel of the room.

New Paint Colour 

One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is to use paint. In a matter of hours, it can make faded or dingy walls look fresh again – or change their color for a completely different look. A fresh coat of paint works like magic when trying to redecorate your home. It has the power to transform your place into a lively, new room. You can use these 10 modern paint colours for your bedroom. You can opt between neutral and darker shades. You can use these 7 colours to paint your living room. When trying to achieve a spacious look, go with lighter, neutral shades like white. A great way to add colour to small spaces is to paint the walls with a neutral shade and paint one accent wall with a colourful shade. Giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint can also help liven your space. Let your creativity flow and make your space look new. We have a specialised paint guide for you.

Change Pillows and Throws

Do not underestimate the power of accessories. Changing the tiniest details such as pillows, cushions, rugs and throws can have a major effect on the outlook of your entire home. Keep the sofa and just change its pillows or throws and you have yourself a fresh new lounge. If you already have throw pillow cushions, replacing the covers is an easy and cheap process. 


Another great tip is to upholster your existing furniture, such as couches. No need to throw away the old couch when you can just modify and improve it by changing the cover. It can be more affordable than buying a new couch and it gives the same result. However, your couch should be in good condition, and not broken or damaged, or upholstering it can cost extra. Make sure the colours and design complement each other and add to your homes theme. It’s amazing how much difference a small change can make in a room. Often, something as simple as replacing hardware or accessories can give a room a whole new feel for just a few dollars.

New Artwork

New and interesting pieces of art can change the entire look of a room. This doesn’t have to be limited to hanging artwork, sculptures are also a great way to change your space. Get new artwork from your favourite artist, a local garage sale or a homewares store. Artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Cheaper pieces of art can be purchased from discount stores and painting can be bought cheaper as prints.

Shop Vintage

Sometimes, it's just expensive to buy the furniture you need. Recycling old furniture and finding secondhand furniture is a great way to decorate on a budget because even if you have to buy a new piece, that doesn’t mean it has to be brand new. Thrift shops aren’t just for clothing. You can often find small pieces for your home, such as lamps, glassware, and artwork. You can find furniture, appliances, and lots of other home-remodeling materials for a fraction of retail cost.

Plant it!

Plants and greenery is packed with ways to make you feel good. Not only do they purify the air you breathe each day, but they can also make you feel calmer and improve your concentration and focus. And don't be worried about the struggle to keep them alive. There are plenty of options, like succulents and air plants, which are pretty low maintenance and bring about tons of benefits. Faux plants can make for chic décor at a low price. Find an affordable option and then style it on a beautiful stand or in a handcrafted pot.

Declutter your space

All of us have heard that less is more. The more clutter in the home, the more stressful experience you'll have. Take a hint from the ever-popular minimalist aesthetic and work on decluttering and simplifying your space. This is how you can elevate the mood in your house.

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